Magnet Bluetooth Earphones Designed For All Types Of Samsung Smartphones And Tablets


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Sports Magnet Bluetooth Earphone/Headphone/Headsets is compatible with samsung, oppo, mi, vivo, redmi, asus, xiaomi, nokia, techno, micromax, techno and all other smartphones. Not only Smartphones This Headsets/Earphones/Headphones are compatible with all laptops and Computers if your computer or laptops has bluetooth feature then this earphone/headphone/headset will work else this earphone will not work. This Headphone/Earphone/Headset does not have bass feature so make your mind before you buy this sports bluetooth earphone/headset/headset. However, This earphone/Headphone/headset will circulate good quality of sound. In Package There Will Be Only Headphone/Earphone/headset and there will be no charging-cable/Charger. This earphone/headphone/headset comes under 1 Month (carry-in/Walk-in) warranty. WARRANTY TERMS AND CONDITIONS- 1) Warranty does not covers :- physical damages, Battery Issues, Battery Backup issues, Charging Issues, Damages Due To Improper Use by customer (Such as One Side of Sound/Volume from Earphone stops working), Damages Due To Water, Damages Due To Wire Over-Stretching (Broken Wire). 2) Warranty Only covers :- Manufacturing Deffects (Deffects That are Caused During the Manufacturing of This EARPHONE/HEADPHONE/HEADSET) And Deffects That Includes Manufacturing Deffects Are – Chipset And MotherBoard (ANY CONNECTIONS TO WIRE, BATTERY, BUTTONS OR STEREO WITH MOTHERBOARD OR CHIPSET DOES NOT COVER IN WARRANTY). 3) THIS PRODUCT IS IN CARRY-IN WARRANTY CUSTOMER NEEDS TO VISIT SERVICE CENTER OR NEEDS TO COURIER/SEND THIS PRODUCT TO SERVICE CENTER ALSO THEY SHOULD MENTION THEIR ORDER ID, NAME, ADDRESS, MOBILE NO., EMAIL IN A PAGE AND HAVE TO SEND WITH THEIR PRODUCT (COURIER CHARGES ARE NEEDED TO BE BARE BY CUSTOMER AND ARE NON REFUNDABLE BY SELLER OR ANYONE IN SERVICE CENTER IN ANY CASE) 4) ONCE THE PRODUCT IS REPAIRED IN SERVICE CENTER. CUSTOMER NEEDS TO ARRANGE PICKUP VIA THERE COURIER PARTNER AT THERE OWN CHARGES AND THERE OWN RISKS FROM SERVICE CENTER TO THERE DESIRED ADDRESS ( COURIER CHARGES ARE NON REFUNDABLE BY SELLER OR ANYONE FROM SERVICE CENTER. SELLER OR ANYONE FROM SERVICE CENTER WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE IN ANY CASE IF SHIPMENT IS LOST, DAMAGED OR MISPLACED AFTER PICKUP DONE FROM COURIER THAT HAS BEEN ARRANGED BY CUSTOMER ) 5) WARRANTY WILL BE VOID IF CUSTOMER REPRESENTS ANY FALSE STATEMENT AND REPRESENTS ANY FAKE/LOOK-ALIKE PRODUCT WHILE CLAIMING WARRANTY.

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